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Nasty Clan
Gaming Community


We are a long established community who cares about all games in all versions and mods. We do not just support a game through one specific point release like some communities do. What is more important for us as well as any gaming community is clear meaningful support through all games, point releases as well as all present and future game mods.Quake lll.      Quake lll

We respect all players and take pride in helping all who need it. We play quake mainly but enjoy other games too.
Whatever background you are from each clan member shares all expectations and represent us in a mature, humorous, honourable manner. We never cheat, hack or use software which is illegal.
No Matter what your race, sex, age or beliefs are, we are here to have fun and make new friends.
Our Clan is based around good attitude, encouragement and the positive acknowledgement of all players abilities. We play with pride and integrity at all times.
We are strong believers in the promotion and need for team spirit.
A clan is as strong as its weakest link, we strive never to be weak by fully supporting those who need it.
This way our clan will continue to accomplish all tasks set before us in the future.
Respect to each and everyone.


Quake 3 Game Settings

I was on the Rail24 FFA server the other night and most of the players there had not setup there game from the default settings so l thought l would put a small list of basic online Quake3 settings here for them to use.

The easiest way to change settings is in your game console which in my game is acessed by useing the tab key, this will drop the game console down so you can type in what you want.

l will start with the network settings all of these can be changed back if you dont like the way the game feels, but once you have got used to the new settings you wont want to go back.

rate   – If you are on a LAN or have a ADSL modem  then this can be around 25000 or perhaps even higher. Remember, it is best to experiment to find a suitable number but don’t get too carried away or you may cap performance.

snaps  – This is possibly the most important setting for getting a good connection. Quake 3, your snaps setting determines how many updates you recieve from the server. 56K modems should have a setting of around 20 – 30. ISDN modems (128K) should be around 40 as should any other fast connection devices ( LAN, T1 etc…. )

cl_maxPackets – This setting puts a limit on the maximum amount of packets that can be sent to the server via the client. This setting is useful for people with slower modems. The default setting is 30.
With Insta Unllaged we have always set ours to 120 and all seems to be fine.

com_maxFPS – This command limits your maximum FPS. You may ask why you would want to do this, and the answer is that it will help the server from having lag confusion when your frame rate has a sudden rise or fall.
For this set this to 120

cg_lagometer – This is a very useful utility which lets you monitor your connection on-line.